Christian Vision Academy (New Mexico) Guidelines for First Year Trainee


PURPOSE: an opportunity to grow deeper relationship with God, to grow in understanding of God and to understand and to see God’s work.

1. Any interested trainee must be in prayer before making any decision. The lead missionary (Pastor Lee) and staff will pray for a candidate as well.

2. Early morning prayer, evening bible reading, Sunday worship and any other services are mandatory.

3. Trainees will work alongside the lead missionary (Pastor Lee) and the staff on a day-to-day basis. Assigned tasks must be completed in a timely manner, organized, and have good communication. The tasks will include outside work (i.e. gardening, outside maintenance, farm work etc.).

4. Mission work (i.e. summer mission team, street evangelism etc.) is not permitted during the training year. You are here to observe and to learn. You are a trainee.

5. Obedience to the leader’s guidance (Pastor Lee).

6. An evaluation/review (feedback, progress report with assigned tasks, concerns and questions etc.) is performed every 3 months by assigned staff or by Pastor Lee.

7. Room and board financial support: a monthly support fund of $800 is required. Room and board consists of housing, food and utility.

8. You must be a believer (Jesus is the Savior) and have a servant’s heart.