Visit & Contact Us

Mailing Address (For USPS):

Christian Vision Academy
P.O Box 88
La Jara, NM 87027

Physical Address (For Fedex & UPS)

Christian Vision Academy
28 la Jara Creek Ranch Rd.
La Jara, NM 87027


Main Office: (505) 321-9911 or (201) 315-8955
Mobile: (505) 321-9911 or (201) 315-8955

From I-25, take Highway 550 west at Bernalillo toward Cuba. Four miles beyond Cuba, turn right on Highway 96, and follow for two miles into La Jara. Turn right at the La Jara Fire Station sign and a small house with STORE sign, and follow the road for five miles. Turn right at T-shape road, which is almost the end of 5 miles. The paved road ends at the gate.

Guidelines for Check-In & Check-Out

General Visit

  • Arrival/Departure Date & Time: Please make an arrangement with the CVA staff before making a flight reservation. We strongly recommend flight schedules between 9am to 5pm on Mondays or Fridays.
  • ABQ Airport Ride: Please make a reservation in advance. The ride fare is $200 (1-4 people) or $400 (5-7 people). The fares were calculated using Uber Fair Estimator.

Mission Team Visit

  • Make reservations in advance. Please contact the CVA staff and confirm the mission period and number of team members (max. 40 people) by December 31st for the following year’s mission trip.
  • Teams must make a 10% deposit for the accommodations to guarantee the reservation. Please write a check payable to the order of “Christian Vision Academy” and send to “Christian Vision Academy, P.O. Box 88, La Jara, NM 87027” by December 31st for the following year’s mission trip.
  • Teams must make a full payment before arrival. Please write a check payable to the order of “Christian Vision Academy” and send to” Christian Vision Academy, P.O. Box 88, La Jara, NM 87027” before the check-in time.
  • Send the mission program and flight schedules in advance to CVA staff.
  • Consult the check-in and check-out time with the CVA staff. We strongly recommend a time between 9am to 10pm. If you have any concerns, please contact CVA staff.
  • Teams must have a house rule orientation session with a CVA staff upon check-in.
  • Team members must be informed of the house rules throughout the mission team training sessions previous to the mission trip.

New Mexico Mission Base and Mission Field Guidelines

Dress Codes

  • No tight clothes.
  • No low scoop shirts, T-shirts, tank tops.
  • No short shorts (only knee length shorts can be won at the mission base).
  • No flash jewelry.
  • No flip flop, open-toe sandals (recommend sneakers).

Meals / Food

  • Do not waste food.
  • No food in mission base rooms.
  • No outside food.
  • No food/drink inside the worship room.


  • Bible, a must.
  • Be on-time.

Mission Field (Navajo Reservation)

  • Do not promise anything that you cannot or will not keep (for example, coming back next year, keeping in touch etc.) Navajo children, youths and adults will remember promises you make.
  • Do not buy, make any type of donation or give to Navajo adults.
  • Any emergency situation, consult or contact C.V.A. Staff first.
  • Do not over care Navajo children and youths (i.e. piggy back ride). Let no be “no.”
  • Safety is important. pick-up/drop-off children make sure team members are helping and watching children for safety.
  • VBS: under 5 years of age cannot and is not allowed to participate. they cannot come.
  • No physical contact with the opposite gender (for example guys giving hugs to ladies).


  • No cell phones.
  • No Navajo friends photos shared on social media (privacy is requested).

Christian Vision Academy (New Mexico) Guidelines for First Year Trainees

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