Mission Programs

Christian Vision Academy serves the Native American Community, local churches, and local communities

Children’s Ministry

We are dedicated to helping Native American children grow in Jesus. Our counselors are preparing dynamic and effective programs for the children. We expect to establish a kindergarten and an art school within the Navajo Reservation in the near future.

Youth Ministry

For two weeks in the summer, Native American youths are invited to the camp for academic enhancement and spiritual revival. Youths and adults of Korean diaspora churches volunteer to serve for the ministry as counselors, teachers, and worship leaders.

Women’s Ministry

Native American sisters participate in Coffee Break, a small group Bible discovery for evangelism and discipleship. In the relaxed and conversational atmosphere, the sisters may understand for themselves and with others what the Bible says and means.

Senior Adult Ministry

At the chapter houses in Ojo Encino and Torreon, we serve older adults with warm meals once a month. Through food, activities, and communion, we hope to deliver God’s love and care.

Short-Term Missions Ministry

Throughout the year we support short-term missions teams to participate in the Great Commission and share faith with brothers and sisters in the Navajo community. God uses them and their unique gifts to do children ministry, youth ministry, women ministry, senior adults ministry. Various ministries include VBS, music program, youth counseling, bible reading/bible study, meal serving and house visits.

Inner Healing Ministry

True healing of broken hearts and relationship, forgotten communities can be men by God’s words and true worship. For this purpose, we have “Healing From The Heart 2.0” worship twice a month (2nd and 4th Saturday).

New Mexico Mission Base and Mission Field Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines while preparing for your mission trip.

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Christian Vision Academy (New Mexico) Guidelines for First Year Trainee

Do you desire an opportunity to grow deeper relationship with God, to grow in understanding of God and to understand and to see God’s work?

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