Missionary: Duk Jae Lee, Pastor

Pastor D J Lee has dedicated her life to educational ministry for over 30 years. Having been an instructor and author for Christian Education Association, instructor for Christian Education at American Evangelical University.

She received her B.A. and M.A. in Christian Education at Seoul Theological University and M.A. in Educational Administration & Human Resource Management at N.Y.U.

She had served at Moonhwachon Evangelical Church for 3.5 years, Shinheung Evangelical Church for 5 years, Yale Presbyterian Church of New York for 2 years and New York Korean Evangelical Church for 8 years.

Since 2005, she has been serving for Navajo Indian brothers and sisters at Christian Vision Academy and Joyful Garden.

Young Chang

Administration & Short-term Mission Team Ministry

Taeseok Oh / Nichole Oh

Construction & Maintenance for whole CVA facilities/Hospitality Ministry

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Navajo Indian Counselor

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Youth Intercession Ministry

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Women ministry / Finance / Administration

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Web Coordinator

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Web Designer based in N.Y.

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Education Counselor in Korea


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